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1. Title of Presentation: Keys to Successful Relationship "from childhood to adulthood" 


This workshop explores relationships from physiological and psychological perspectives. It will discuss the types and phases of relationships, perceptions, compromises and truth.

Learning Objectives: Keeping the Fire Burning

Participants will learn why some marriages succeed and others fail.
Participants will learn the meaning of commitment.
Participants will learn the six phases of a relationship.
Participants will learn how to balance intimacy and autonomy.
Participants will learn the importance of listening, reacting and acting.
Participants will learn about natural and unexpected changes in the physical body (both male and female) that can affect the self-concept and self esteem.
Participants will be able to examine physiological problems associated with marital difficulties and the little blue pill.

Time needed - Minimum of three to eight hours

See Educational Trainings for other topics.

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Title of Presentation: Life Of and After Domestic Violence.

2. Area of Focus: Domestic Violence and Other Co-occurring Disorders

Learning Objectives:

• To educate participants about the Domestic Violence Cycle and its progression
• To teach participants two important factors of fear and pain
• To teach participants to recognize and refer at-risk patients for treatment
• To provide a profile of a typical perpetrator and victim
• To teach participants that domestic violence is a co-occurring disorder and the need to address all issues
• To educate participants how a victim can become a perpetrator.
• To provide a summary of lessons learned and tools used in the fight against domestic violence

Description of Workshop:

This workshop will explore the life of domestic violence (DV) victims, the DV life cycle, inter-generational domestic violence, classical conditioning and co-occurring disorders. It will further explore just how widespread domestic violence is and how victims, once victimized and freed, may become perpetrators.

Other Training Includes:  

3. Board Training (Effective Communication)

Executives that have met the challenges of working with their board of trustees have indicated a need to establish and maintain healthy board relations as one of their primary responsibilities. On going communication with board of trustees is a key to having a successful organization. Successful CEOs keep their trustees informed by sharing information regularly, meeting with them individually over breakfast, lunch or Dinner, and ensuring they are aware of both negative and positive information regarding the organization. These executives address trustees concerns, answer their questions, and move them toward a common mission and direction. These executives view their board members as a team that is needed to fulfill the mission of the organization. In these organizations there is a job responsibility for the board of trustees and a very clear agency's mission. 


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