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Department of Transportation

SAP - Assessments:

Don See, is a “Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).” He is qualified to evaluate employees who are subject to DOT's drug and alcohol regulations. Recommendations are made concerning treatment and/or other issues.  

Our professional staff have over 20 years in the drug treatment and education field. Dr. See has clinical experience in the diagnosis, education and treatment of substance abuse-related disorders.  He also understands how the SAP role relates to the special responsibilities employers have for ensuring the safety of the traveling public.  He is well informed about Part 40, pertinent DOT agency regulations.

Please call 216-406-5017 or 216-283-1002 for an appointment or e-mail Dr. See at

We would like to assist you to stay in compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT), drug and alcohol requirement. We provide drug assessments, and

recommendations for treatment. We also provide Drug Free Workplace training.

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